About KXI

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Kelso Technologies Inc., Kiq X Industries Inc. is a research & technology innovation company specializing in advanced suspension solutions for motorized vehicles and vehicle components.

Our mission is to provide commercial and government operations with the safest and most cost-efficient method for transporting employees and cargo over the world's most challenging terrain.


A History in Safe Transportation

KelsoTechlogo.jpgKiq X is a proud member of the Kelso Technologies Group, a railroad equipment supplier, specializing in production of tank car service equipment used in the loading, unloading, and containment of hazardous materials for safe transport in the United States and Canada. Kelso has a rich history of bringing world-class technologies to market and a sterling track record for transportation safety.

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20+ Prototypeskxi-blue-print-poster-website.jpg

Our patent pending suspension conversion has been meticulously designed, built and rigorously tested in more than 20 vehicles. Our lessons from those prototypes has enabled us put our KXI Active Suspension Control System (ASCS) technology into production, using Canadian made parts and assembly to industry standards by our specialized team in Kelowna, BC Canada.


25 Years of Experience

LogsStuck%20About%20Us.jpgRooted in the 4x4 enthusiast community, we have spent over 25 years engineering & fabricating our proprietary parts and testing them rigorously in all four seasons of the Canadian wilderness. While our history is in recreational 4x4'ing, our partnership with Kelso Technologies has brought an unparalleled focus on product safety that is so dearly needed for many commercial 4x4 transportation operations around the world.



Tested in the Harsh Canadian WildernessHistory%20About%20Us.jpg

The majestic Rocky Mountains are in our backyard, the Cascades in our front yard. We have experienced terrain from deep sand dunes to muskeg swamps and everything in between. You can be assured that KXI-modified vehicles are ready for the complex terrain and challenging conditions your employees are confronted with. Even with minimal 4x4 experience, drivers of any level that have received our training & orientation can operate the KXI Active Suspension Control System for increased safety.